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Friday 25th January 2013
Welcome to another exciting year - we have nearly reached 10,000 views on this Wikispace - thank you for your continued support. If you are using these resources please link to them and you are more than welcome to use them.
Mr Kemp is still living in Singapore and working at Avondale Grammar International School
You can check out the 2013 wiki's for the classes he is teaching at the below links:

Monday 6th February 2012
This year the Ruma Tahi class wikispace will not be up and running because Mr Kemp has moved to Singapore to teach in a new school.
It is an exciting adventure and he has started a new wikispace with his cool Year 4 class - please check it out and leave some comments - his new class would love to hear from you and please feel free to pass this link on to friends and family.

Monday 5th December
Camp was amazing and the Year 6 children had a ball - I will upload the camp movies to the camp page soon.
The Year 5 children had an amazing time with Mrs McKeever and created some amazing bits and pieces. They are displayed on the children's individual pages.
Things are pretty busy at the moment and I have just told the children that I am moving to Singapore next year to teach in an International School over there.
Please stay in touch and keep this page going
Mr K

Monday 21st November
The Year 6's are off to camp at Waianakarua tomorrow for 4 days - we can't wait - we are SO excited - just hope this rain clears away so we can have an amazing time. There are a lot of exciting activities planned and we will share this with you on our return.
While the Year 6's are away Mrs McKeever will be working with the Year 5's - we know they will have a lot of fun too.
The children's Individual pages are looking fantastic - keep them updated and sharing your love of learning with the world.

Friday 11th November
What a flat out week we have had in Ruma Tahi this week. Today we learn all about Remembrance Day and joined the rest of NZ with a minute silence to remember those soldiers who fought for our country during World Wars. We learnt about the significance of 11/11/11 at 11.11am and the children enjoyed talking about family members that they know represented our country for various things. We have been doing a lot of testing in room 1 this week as well with Mr Eaton teaching, Mr K is getting a lot of tests done before the Year 6 children go off to camp.
Remember that it is the Year 6 Car Wash fundraiser tomorrow opposite Mitre 10 Mega from 11am-3.30pm - see you there.

Friday 4th November
The end of week 2 already and the children had a great week with Mr Eaton this week. Mr Eaton is on full control in room 1 at the moment and has 2 more weeks to go. The children did some great work this week uploading some "Voki's" to their individual pages - please spend some time to check them out - the rest will be uploaded on Monday.
Well done to the children who completed their inquiry homework this week - some awesome presentations and learning about the history of learning spaces. It will be great to have those uploaded soon too.
Have a GREAT weekend.
Monday 31st October
Week 2 already and we are wanting help from people all over the world to find out more information about the history of learning spaces and why they change for our inquiry - Please add to this voicethread and spread the word - we need your help to learn more about the spaces we learn in.

Funky School Video Link - the future of schools = http://video.couriermail.com.au/2122700668/Funky-School

Friday 28th October
WOW - that first week flew by - it is hard to believe there are only 7 weeks left for 2011. Your new homework sheet has been uploaded to the wiki - you can find it here. This term for inquiry we are learning all about How Learning Spaces Change Over Time and next week for homework you are too do some interviewing with the questions we came up with at school. Here are the questions you are to use to interview your parent's and a grandparent or older family friend or neighbour. Present your findings in an interesting way and feel free to ask more questions to get information to help us in our topic.
Have a great weekend
Mr K
  1. How were you punished at school and why?
  2. How was your classroom decorated? e.g. posters, learning spaces etc.
  3. Did you like school? Why / Why not? – Would you rather go to school now or when you were there? Why / Why not?
  4. What changes have you seen in schools since you were there?
  5. What subjects were there? What was your favourite and why?
  6. Was the classroom environment fun and happy? What was it like?
  7. How did you sit? Did you have different spaces to work in?
  8. Did you have homework? What did you have to do?
  9. How old when you finished school?
  10. What is your best memory of primary school?
Thursday 27th October
This week Mr K has been teaching us all of his learning from the U-Learn conference he went to in the holidays. We have learnt about e-books and have had our first go at making e-readers from picture books we got out of the library - please check out our videos below - they are also on our reading page - we are sharing them with our junior buddies tomorrow. Please leave us some feedback.

Tuesday 25th October
Welcome back to term 4. The last 8 weeks at Grant's Braes School for a lot of people in Ruma Tahi. We are going to have an amazing term. Well done to those amazing children who continued updating their pages over the school holidays - people are watching and we all think your learning space is amazing so keep it updated.
Today we started our Numeracy learning to do with Addition and Subtraction. Mr K put us into our groups and we got to use a cool app on the iPad's called ShowMe. We used this app to make a video of a strategy we know how to use to help solve problems. We then uploaded them onto the ShowMe website through the iPad's by ourselves. Here they are - this is our first ever go at using this app - we are pretty proud of the results. Please leave us some feedback.

Friday 7th October
The last day of school has been and gone. What a GREAT day today with the wonderful shared lunch you planned and ran as part of our inquiry on BIG event's. We will upload some photo's when we get back from school holidays!
Unfortunately this week we were so busy we ran out of time to give the Super Scoopers at St Clair Schoolsome feedback on their blog. Over the holidays can we ALL please leave them some feedback on the different pages of their blog. Spread the word with your classmates and tell them all to check it out and leave 2 stars and a wish on the different pages - their blog is: http://super7scoopers.edublogs.org/

Have a safe and happy holiday break.
Mr K
Wednesday 5th October
Next week Mr K and some of us are going to Otago University to present to the 3rd year student teachers all about what we do with ICT in our classroom. Here are some videos that we made that we will be sharing with them - we would love your feedback:
  • What makes a GREAT teacher?
  • How do iPad's help me learn
  • How do wiki's help me learn
  • What is my favourite iPad app and why?
Monday 3rd October
What an amazing achievement and an amazing feeling to get to school today to be told by you that we have reached 7000 unique hits since March this year. That is incredible - your wikispace has a worldwide audience and people LOVE to hear, read and see what you are learning - keep your amazing individual pages updated. I am very proud of you all. See you all tomorrow.
Mr K

Friday 30th September
Another fantastic week in Ruma Tahi this week under the guidance of Mr Eaton. I have enjoyed coming in and out and seeing your lovely smiling faces. I am definitely missing being in their teaching (which is probably why I am popping in and out more often).
Well done to Leon, Lynley, Amelia and Kyle who did this week's Ruma Tahi Wrap Up. The video blog from this week is below - the children have focussed this week on the athletic's day that we had with Anderson's Bay School on Tuesday (which was a HUGE success) and our amazing school fair from last weekend. Please leave them some feedback on the youtube clip below. Feedback and next steps are highly valued by them (please remember that this is 100% their work - pretty amazing I think).
Next week the children are focussing on taking action in their inquiry and are planning a shared lunch as our class BIG EVENT. The children are planning and organising everything and will have a notice for you at home on Monday.
Have a safe and happy weekend - see you on Monday for the last week of school for term 3 :)

Wednesday 28th September
Thank you for your support of the school fair - it was a huge success and the children did an amazing job of running the children's games.
Please remember to keep an eye on the children's individual pages. They are doing some amazing things and would love your continued feedback.
This week's Ruma Tahi Wrap Up crew are working hard to get together this week's video - stay tuned for Friday.
The children did an amazing job at the athletic's day yesterday and you will see this as a focus in Friday's video.
Have a great rest of your week :)

Friday 23rd September
What a great week with Mr Eaton :) Well done to the Extra! Current Event's Quiz children who did amazingly well to all get in the top 1/4 of teams.
Well done to Cayla, Kacey, Ruby and Emma who did this week's Ruma Tahi Wrap Up. The video blog is now uploaded - YAY - please see below and leave your feedback. Have a great weekend and remember to be at the School fair this Sunday 11am-2pm - see you there - bring your money :)

Monday 19th September
This week Myross Bush School in Invercargill will be the focus, their blog address is: http://myrossroom8.blogspot.com/ - have a read over their blog - don't post feedback just yet - we will start doing that tomorrow :) Share it with your friends and family too - what makes it amazing, what can they do to make it even better - remember these are learning spaces and are a chance for children to share their learning with the world, just like your wikispace - have fun :)
Mr K

Friday 16th September
ERO have been and gone and they have left us feeling very proud of our student's. They interviewed the Year 5/6 children on Wednesday and came back to us that the children were outstanding representatives of our school and that they raved about the teachers, the programmes and their learning. This made me very proud!
Here is this week's Video Blog (VLOG) created by Gracie, William, Georgia and Abe. Congratulations team, what an amazing effort, all finished by the end of lunch time today. Enjoy watching it and please leave some feedback :)
Have a lovely weekend.

Monday 12th September
What a great weekend; the Rugby World Cup started, the All Blacks won their first game, the opening ceremony was spectacular and this week we get to give feedback to our friends at Silverstream school through our Penta-blogging experience.
This week Silverstream will be the focus, their blog address is: http://silverstream2.blogspot.com/ - have a read over their blog - don't post feedback just yet - we will start doing that tomorrow :) Share it with your friends and family too - what makes it amazing, what can they do to make it even better - remember these are learning spaces and are a chance for children to share their learning with the world, just like your wikispace - have fun :)
Today for inquiry we are going to do a RAS alert on the opening ceremony - go to the inquiry page for a sneak peak at our activity ...
Mr K

Friday 9th September
Another amazing week with an amazing group of learners in Ruma Tahi. A special congratulations to Eden, Emily, Ryan and Michael who were the 4 leaders in charge of organising and producing the Ruma Tahi Wrap Up - they completed it on time and I have just viewed it - amazing work guys. The best part is you took on advice and feedback after last week and have produced a very special VLOG of our learning this week in room 1.
Have an awesome weekend celebrating the Rugby World Cup.

Thursday 8th September
Some VERY exciting news ....
Otago University have asked me and 3 Ruma Tahi helpers to present a 45 minute talk to a class of 200 3rd Year Teacher Trainees. We have been recognised for how we use ICT in our classroom. The talk will be all about our wikispace and our use of i-pads and how it helps us be the amazing learners that we are.
SO ......
If this sounds like you and you would like to be a part of this amazing experience please write a persuasive letter to me telling me why I should choose you. It is in the 1st week of the school holidays - 1pm on Tuesday 11th October at Otago University. Ask Mum or Dad and make sure it is ok before you apply - applications are due at 3pm on Wednesday 14th September and the successful 3 will be announced on Friday 16th September.
Use all of the great learning we have been doing during writing this term to persuade me.
Looking forward to your applications.
From a VERY excited
Mr K

Wednesday 7th September
We are PENTA-BLOGGING!!! How cool is that .....
We have had amazing feedback from our friends in the 4 other schools. This week it was our focus week - check out some of the feedback - it is hard to keep up with but we have learnt so much and it is great to get feedback from other people's point of views.
For inquiry we are learning about Big Events and of course the Rugby World Cup - the biggest sporting event in NZ in our lifetime. Check out these cool you-tube clips below and let us know your thoughts. The first is the main marketing campaign used to advertise the World Cup - what features do you think stand out? The second and third are something a bit different .... Enjoy!

Monday 5th September
I hope everyone had a lovely weekend and you have checked out the amazing video blog below made by Hannah, Andrew, Ethan and Ella. This week it is important that you have completed your wiki tasks which are on the top of the individual pages page. I am going to give extra cashflow to people who update one of the extra pages down the left hand menu with your learning. Make sure you post your name beside it in brackets.
The cool thing about this week is that it is the first week of our pent-a-blogging experience. We have joint forces with 4 other classrooms around NZ to help each other be better bloggers - this week it is our class focus - the other classrooms will be giving us feedback on how to make our wiki a better learning place - make sure your page is updated ..... Check out the Pent-a-blog link on the left hand side - we will be giving feedback next week ....
The last wiki task for this week is to fill in the SWNI chart (Strengths, Weaknesses, New Ideas). This is your first chance to use a Google Doc which is a collaborative (lots of people can use it at once) way to fill in a document - you can post your comments by going here.
Have a great week
Mr K

Friday 2nd September
We have had an amazing week in room 1 this week with some awesome developments. We had a great day today at our Sport Otago Peninsula Cluster field day and on Wednesday we had our first swimming session at Moana Pool which was a lot of fun. The most exciting part is our first ever attempt at Video Blogging. This week room 1 has created their first ever video blog to show a snapshot of our learning this week in our classroom. The final result for this week is below. Every week 4 new children will be in charge of taking photographs and videos and putting together our learning for the week which we decided to call The Ruma Tahi Wrap Up. This is 100% the children's work and I have not supported or assisted in anyway which I am very proud of and VERY impressed with their amazing learning! Please leave the children some feedback on the wiki and also on the you tube video attached below. We need your support to make this bigger and better. Thank you for your support. Have a great weekend.
Mr K

Wednesday 31st August
Today we were lucky enough to have the "Keep Dunedin Beautiful" theatre group at our school to share their performance with us. They taught us about how to recycle and how to use our blue bins (glass only), our yellow wheelie bin (plastics, tin cans, cardboard and paper recycling) and the black DCC rubbish bags for everything else. Here are some photos of their performance .... Only 2 more sleeps until we reveal our first ever weekly video blog :)
Tuesday 30th August
Yesterday and today we have been taking photos and videos of our learning in Ruma Tahi. We will be sharing weekly video blogs every Friday so watch this space. This week there are four of us recording our learning journey - Hannah, Andrew, Ella and Ethan. If you have suggestions on what we should include please let us know. Here are a couple of photos taken today to give you a sneak peak at what we have been learning about.
Highlighting Evidence of Facts and Opinion during writing groups
Reading group with Mr K - using our discoveries chart to identify features of a GREAT persuasive text

WALT add fractions using Jungle Fractions on the i-pads

Friday 26th August
What a fantastic end to the week Ruma Tahi. I am so pleased that you have made some great decisions today about the direction of this classroom learning environment. Ruma Tahi today have decided that we will be taking our wiki one step further with weekly video snapshots showing our learning through movies. We will post these on youtube and on here every Friday - next week Hannah, Ella, Ethan and Andrew will be in charge of photographing and videoing our weekly learning and putting together a movie of our week for you to check out. I am very excited to see how this works and to see the amazing ICT skills that Room 1 children continue to amaze me with this year.
Have a safe and happy weekend
Mr K

Wednesday 24th August
Another Skype Session today with our little friends from Stoke School in Nelson - we have done a lot of research and are very excited about helping them with their questions tomorrow. Below are 2 screen shots from using the Mimio for our persuasive language discoveries from today's reading and writing sessions. We would love your feedback or even your help if you know a lot about writing to persuade because we have lot's of ideas .....
(Please note that this is draft work and spelling and punctuation errors have not been corrected)
Monday 22nd August
A great start to the week today - very busy as usual. Today we started up a conversation that we would like to present our learning in a different way. Our wiki is great and has a cool following and we are thinking of new ways to share our learning with others. We decided that it comes down to 2 things that must always be present - we must have an audience and there always has to be a purpose!
Fill out the wallwisher below and leave your ideas and thoughts on what we can do and how it could work - think about ALL of the details and specifics.

Sunday 21st August
Thought I would share with you all some photos from the snow days up at school - they are very cool :) Check out below for updates from our assembly.
See you all tomorrow - have a lovely Sunday
Mr K
Friday 19th August
Thank you to all of those parents who came to our assembly today - we really appreciate your support - the children did an amazing job to showcase a portion of what we have been doing in Ruma Tahi. For those of you who could not make it - here are our digital photo's we have been learning to take and also some pictures of our Art are on our Art Page - Enjoy :) We might see some of you at the disco tonight - put on your dancing shoes - I know I am!!!!
Mr K

Wednesday 17th August
Back at school today and we had some amazing stories to share and discuss about our extra long snowy weekend. Some children have even posted stories and photos on their individual pages - be sure to check them and and give them some feedback.
Today we SKYPED with Ruma Tahi from Stoke School in Nelson. Ruma Tahi at Stoke School are a group of New Entrant children who had lots of questions to ask us about Dunedin as they are learning all about our city. We are going to do the best we can to help them. We loved to meet them and share our mihi's with them. We also got to meet Murtle the Turtle - their class pet - we think it would be pretty cool to have one now ....
We will be talking to them again soon.
Here are some photos below of Stoke School on Skype with us today.
Screen_shot_2011-08-17_at_2.08.19_PM.png Screen_shot_2011-08-17_at_2.04.05_PM.png
* We are learning to keep our wikispace pages relevant and to ensure we are sharing what we are learning so you can stay up to date with our learning in room 1 - please give us feedback so we know how to make this learning space better.

Tuesday 16th August
Snow day number 2 for us after one of the biggest snow storms we have seen has swept through NZ. I hope you have all stayed warm and busy - post some photos and some news updates on your individual pages to let us all know what you have been doing :)
Hopefully see you all tomorrow
Mr K
Wednesday 10th August
Thank you for a great day today room 1 - remember the Year 6 children are off to Tahuna tomorrow. Can't wait.
We will get your art work up and published on our wiki page soon - remember to check out the What Am I photo's and get your guesses in to win $800 cash flow.
We have decided in class that we will support Argentina during the Rugby World Cup (of course we will be supporting the All Blacks to win the world cup) but we wanted to make the teams in Dunedin feel as welcome as possible .....
See you all tomorrow
Mr K

Thursday 4th August
Welcome back to term 3 - I am back from my holiday in South East Asia, refreshed and ready for another awesome term.
I had a fantastic time and I enjoyed sharing my photos and journey's with you all earlier in the week.
This term we welcome Mr Eaton who will be in our classroom for the remainder of the year - we are very excited to have him in room 1 and we can't wait to show him how amazing we are!
The What Am I photo's have been updated - have a look at the link and email me what you think the correct answers are - the first 3 correct people will each receive $800 cash flow!
I am looking forward to the rest of this term and I can't wait for you all to step up and help me have a GREAT term.
Let's work hard so we can have our mini Auction in Week 7!!!!

It is also pretty AMAZING that our wiki has had over 5000 unique hits since March this year - WOW - making this one of the most viewed class pages in NZ! Thanks for such a great first 4 days - I love teaching you and I love coming to school to teach you! Keep it up ...
Mr K

Wednesday 13th July
Check out the writing page we have updated the mystery stories we have finished.
Today the what am i clues are
1. I'm a crucial part of life as we know it today
2. I was Invented in 1880
3. Thomas Edison invented me (He was a very bright man.)

Hannah & Emily

Monday 11th July
Today the what am I clues are
1. I used to be 12,349 feet tall but my tip fell of a few years ago so now I am 12,316 feet high
2.One of NZs National park was named after me in 1953
3.My Maori name is Aoraki

Thursday 7th July
Hey Room 1
Today the What am I clues were a bit harder, and they were, 1. I can be seen on most days.
2. I come in many shapes and white to blackish colour tones.
3.I am suspended in the earths atmosphere above the surface of the earth.

Emily & Hannah.
Heres 3 of 4 dance videos

Hey Room 1
Emily and Hannah here.
Today in Room 1 the who am I clues were these.
1. I am part of the current All Blacks Team.
2.I am known as the worlds best Openside Flanker.
3. I was born in Oamaru and my position is Loose Forward.

For Maths Today we did Translating a shape from one point to another. For P.E we played a game of soccer. The Teams are...

Team A Team B Team C Team D

Max Michael Kyle Lynley
Sebbie Georgia Hannah Leon
Emily Kacey Emma William
Cody Harrison Ella Abe
Ronan Ruby Gracie Adam
Cayla Andrew Ethan

Hi room1 its Hannah and Emily we are the co-editors of the wikispace while Mr K is on holiday in South East Asia.Today with Mrs G we shared our Dances with Room 2,6 and 7 we filmed them and it will be on the wiki soon... In maths we are looking at the lines of symmetry. Every morning Mrs G puts a what / who am I on the board today the clues were I work at Grants Braes, I have blonde hair and greet each and everyone of us everyday.

Friday 24th June
Another great week - thank you for your amazing hard work in class and the great progress you are showing with your reading and mathematics. I am enjoying seeing and reading your progress with your narrative Mystery stories too - you are definitely getting better at writing to entertain.
I have a competition for you .....
The winner will receive $3000 cash flow and the privilege of being the editor of our class wikispace for the whole month of July while I am on holiday in South East Asia.
All you have to do is send me an email, a photo slideshow, a movie or a presentation of some sort telling me why you are the best person for the job. I will announce the winner and appoint the person with their duty next Friday morning in class so get your presentations to me by Thursday at 5pm so I can make my decision. The successful person will be confident in their use of wikispace's, be a tidy presenter and have the ability to check and edit their own writing to ensure it is exciting. Why should you be the editor of one of the most popular class wikispaces in the world - pretty exciting opportunity so jump at it and get working on your presentation!!!

Mr K

Thursday 16th June
Well done at the gym festival yesterday - I was so impressed with how well behaved everyone was and how amazing your routines were - most people scored all 2's and 3's - WOW - that is just GREAT.
Keep up the hard work with your individual pages on here - I would love for you to share what you are learning in your math groups. Share the strategy that you find easiest to help solve tricky multiplication and division problems.
Have a great weekend - I am not in tomorrow as I am writing all of your reports from home :)
See you all on Monday - keep smiling
Mr K

Tuesday 14th June
Welcome to Mr Paterson who has joined us for 2 weeks as a student teacher in room 1. I am sure you will make him feel very welcome an help him settle into our day to day routine. Well done on your individual pages - they look great - I AM VERY IMPRESSED!!!
Gym festival tomorrow - all of our hard work will pay off - give it everything you have got - it will be great fun.
See you all tomorrow
Mr K

Friday 10th June
What an amazing week we are having room 1 - keep it up!!! I am SO impressed!
Here is a cool opportunity for you to be a journalist and feature on Kiwi Kids News - check out this link for more information and if you are interested in being a reporter for Kiwi Kids News get your application together - we might be reading your articles soon.
Have a great weekend.

Mr K
P.S. Gymnastics Festival on Wednesday - keep practising!
Tuesday 7th June
Morning Ruma Tahi - Please fill out the wallwisher below about our inquiry learning and check out the video below that!
Here is a video that we made when we got to get into the dental clinic to collect our first piece of evidence on Thursday last week!
Monday 6th June
Hi Room 1,
I hope you are having a lovely long weekend - I know mine was fantastic - and I can't wait to hear all about yours tomorrow at school.
I was just looking at our wiki statistics and noticed that we have had over 3,500 unique visitors in the past 4 months - HOW AMAZING IS THAT?!
What you say and share is world famous so keep making sure it is of the best quality and is updated at least once a week - start uploading your learning more often - keep up the hard work - I am VERY impressed.
See you tomorrow
Mr K

Friday 3rd June
Hi Room 1
After a few rough days I was so happy today at your behaviour and effort to ensure you were doing the right things. Our class is GREAT and I am excited about the rest of this term and the rest of this year. Keep up the hard work and keep being the best that you can be.
Exciting News = Julia is coming to spend the morning with us from Christchurch on Tuesday from 9 - 10.40am :)
Have a nice, relaxing long weekend - I can't wait to see you all back on Tuesday - BE SAFE!
Mr K

Wednesday 1st June
Today Room 1 have had the opportunity to update their page with their learning that has been going on - we are going to focus hard to make sure our pages are all updated at least once a week - check out our individual pages and leave us some feedback.

Friday 27th May
Thank you to all of those people that came along to support the children at our assembly today. The children had a blast sharing some of our learning with you. Here are the 2 movies that the children made and shared with you - we hope you enjoyed them. Please feel free to come into our class and see what else has been happening in room 1.
Also keep an eye on the children's individual pages as they continue to update them.
Have a lovely weekend
Mr K

Tuesday 24th May
Constable Rei has passed on some official statements from those present at school on the day of the crime - tomorrow you will get the chance to hear the statements so you can start piecing together the bits of evidence so we can start putting the suspect list together. Put your investigators brains on to GO and start thinking hard about the evidence we have got and what we need to find out to put the puzzle pieces together.
Check out the inquiry page to see the photos from our trip to the Police station plus much, much more!!

Thursday 19th May
Here is the video of when we looked in our crime scene - check out more photographs on our inquiry page - it is time for you to add your learning to this page now too.

Wednesday 18th May
Thank you for all the amazing birthday wishes and presents yesterday - you are the greatest class!! I really appreciated it and the way you looked after me yesterday :)
There are a few updates on the inquiry page and on the PE page with some photos of what we have been doing this week so be sure to check them out.
Mr K

Monday 16th May
Today we used our Mimio (our new interactive whiteboard) to help identify parts of the crime scene that are important - here is the photograph - let us know if you spot anything else that we need to investigate - tomorrow if Constable Rei says it is OK we will be going into the crime scene for our first look and on Wednesday Constable Rei is coming in to teach us how to fingerprint because we have found some in the dental clinic - things are heating up so stay tuned!!!!
Thursday 12th May
We are VERY busy at school this week with our Multiplication and Division topic for mathematics and our super busy inquiry among other things. Constable Rei came in yesterday and shared a lot of cool things about investigations that will really help us. Tomorrow we will be looking at the official photographs from the crime scene - EXCITING!
Monday 9th May
After reading all of your amazing writing today after school and reading your reflections I realise that you would like me to keep this page more updated and that 6 days is pretty slack between my posts. I AGREE! Thank you for keeping me on my toes. I will try and keep our wiki homepage update every few days as long as you can all help me by keeping your individual pages updated so that our visitors can look at them and see what you have been learning everyday.
I want to extend our wikispace more and give you some more control. I would like you to start updating our curriculum area pages - like maths, reading, writing, art, inquiry etc. You have proven how talented you are and now I want you to step up and give it a go. If you post something new on these pages please make sure they are done at the top - with the date that you posted it and finish it with your name like my posts on here.
Good luck and I look forward to seeing your updates - cash flow will be given to those people that make an extraordinary effort to go above and beyond my expectations.
Have fun

Mr K
Tuesday 3rd May
What an eventful start to term 2. We have been super busy looking into our Crime Scene Investigation and going through the letter sent to us from the police asking us to carry out some investigations on their behalf as they are too busy with more serious crimes at the moment. We are excited and so pleased that we are trusted enough to help out with this investigation and our new inquiry for the term is based around this.
Here are some photos of our tuning in activities and the outside of our crime scene that we have taken over the last 2 days.
Stay tuned for more information soon :)

Monday 2nd May
Welcome back to school for term 2. I am so excited about this term I can't wait.
Today room 1 learnt that our dental clinic was broken into over the holidays and we received a letter today from the police asking that the children and teachers help with the investigation. As a result we have changed our inquiry topic and have decided to focus on forensic science and solving mysteries. We are excited and can't wait to do some investigating around the crime scene.
Here is a photograph we took today of the crime scene from outside. See if you can put the pieces together.
See you tomorrow
Mr K
preview48 piece
Thursday 21st April - HAPPY EASTER!
Happy Easter everyone - I hope you all get spoilt and you have a great weekend. ENJOY.
Thought you might like to see your egg's from the beginning of term 1 published on the Farmer Brown Egg website - well done - they are very impressed.
Have a great break.
Mr K

Friday 15th April - the last day of term 1!!!
Hi Room 1,
Firstly, I wanted to say a big congratulations and super high 5's all around for your positive attitude to learning in room 1 this term. I am so honoured and privileged to be able to teach such an enthusiastic and hard working bunch of young learners. The results that come out of your hard work are obvious for everyone to see and read, not only on this wiki and not only on the walls in our classroom or in your books but in the discussions that are had from day to day.
Secondly, thank you so much for being supportive to each other and for giving things a go. This term has had its fair share of challenges, its fair share of good days and bad ...... but you have ALWAYS come back stronger the next day and bounced back - and that is what learning is all about!!!! Every day you come back stronger and that makes me proud to be your teacher. Keep making me proud and keep making your family and friends proud because these achievements and these times are memorable ones. But most importantly make yourself proud!!! Make the most of the wonderful opportunities you get at our school and be thankful.
I am so excited about term 2 and so excited to be a part of our journey that we will go in this year in Ruma Tahi. Term 1 is just the beginning - kia kaha (stay strong) and remember our class motto "BRING IT ON".
Remember our wikispace classroom never closes - we are open 24/7 so feel free to keep updating your page and sharing your learning over the holidays.
Have a fantastic Easter holiday and I can't wait to see you back in term 2 to hear all about your break.
Ka Kite

Mr K
P.S. we have had a lot of feedback on our Comments / Feedback page from all over the world - click on the link. check it out and feel free to respond to some comments :)

Wednesday 13th April

Only 3 days left before a big 2 week holiday - I can't wait to relax and recharge my batteries for a busy term 2.

Today I want you to fill in this wallwisher to share with me the learning you have done this term.
I can't wait to read about all of your amazing learning.
Mr K

Friday 8th April

Well done Room 1 on an amazing assembly - you did such a GREAT job - you should be very proud of your learning and the hard work you have put in so far this term - Tino Pai. Well done as well on the fantastic homework presentations that you did to share about your Term 1 learning. I would really love for you to upload these onto your Individual Wikipages for people to see. Here are a couple of examples of the homework activities and the unique displays that you found to use.

Wednesday 6th April

What a pity the Palmerston Sports Exchange was cancelled today - we will have a GREAT day anyway.

We have signed up to www.kiwikidsnews.co.nz and we will be using this to get better at current events during the year. It is important you try and read this website every day - especially if you want to be a part of the Social Studies Quiz team later in the year. Work really hard and every week or so there is a new test - study up, learn about what is happening in the world by using this website and good luck for the tests - we will keep a record of scores so we can see if you improve.
Tuesday 5th April

We have cracked 1000 visits to our wiki in just 1 month - WOW room 1 - keep the content of your individual pages being updated and high quality and I am sure the hits will continue to rise - we need to keep thinking of new and unique ways to entertain our audience so if you have any ground breaking ideas come and let me know or send me a message. Good luck to those children off to represent us at Palmerston today - do us proud - Kia Kaha.

Remember it is our assembly this Friday sharing with room 4 - we will be sharing our Art, Math I-can-animate projects as well as some writing and a song - it is exciting stuff so do not miss out - see you on Friday, 2.05pm in the school hall.

Friday 1st April

This is no April Fool's joke - ROOM 1 ARE MASTER MATHEMATICIANS!!!! Check out the video's on the maths page as well as the amazing strategies they have been learning this week on the comic life display that we did today before lunch. We would love your feedback!
Also here are some photo's of room 1 children being i-pad experts yesterday. Yesterday we were lucky enough to have 10 special e-teachers here from around the Otago and North Otago area. Room 1 children were thrown in the deep end and were asked to be the "teachers". We showed the staff all about what we use i-pads for at our school and they were very impressed - well done Ruma Tahi.
Have a great weekend.
From A Very Proud Teacher!!!
Thursday 31st March
Today for Math's we used I Can Animate again to show the Numeracy Strategies that we are learning - we are going to edit them and then add them to the Math's page. Watch this page over the next 2 days for changes. It is looking GREAT!
It is great to see who is viewing our page by watching the live traffic feeder on the left hand side! It is also great to see the updates on our individual pages - keep up the great work room 1 - I am VERY proud!!!

Monday 28th March
Welcome back to another exciting week in Ruma Tahi. I have been playing on the internet this weekend and found some cool flash toys that you might like to play around with and add to your pages - remember you need to keep your individual page updated EVERY week with what you have been learning. Play around with this fridge magnet below and leave me a message :) You can also see our new live globe and live viewer feed on the bottom of the left hand side menu. Have a great week.
Mr K

Make your own Countdown Clocks

Friday 25th March
Another great and busy week in room 1. Thank you to those parents who came along to watch the camp movie at assembly today - check out the camp page to see the video. We have uploaded it for you - leave us your feedback!
We are so excited and proud here at Grant's Braes School because the Christchurch Earthquake Wikispace is a HUGE success and is entirely the work of the children in our classroom. I am a VERY proud teacher. Here is the article published yesterday in our local newspaper about the Christchurch Earthquake Wikispace - ENJOY!

Have a great weekend :)

Thursday 24th March
What AMAZING learning we have been doing this week in room 1 - I am very proud to be teaching such a wonderful group of children.
Check out this amazing new learning we worked on today during Maths - GO THE TRIANGLES GROUP! See what we have learnt about Splitting numbers below and maybe you can have a go at doing this yourself too. Also check out our inquiry page and our Earthquake page where there are new uploads.

Wednesday 23rd March
What a great start to our short week. We are growing budding superstars in room 1 and this week Andrew, Hannah and Emily have had 3 interviews with media to do with the Christchurch Earthquake Wikispace. Not only are we getting famous here - check out these websites that are talking about our class and the Earthquake Wikispace. It is VERY exciting:

Here is a photograph taken by the Star Newspaper - there will be an article in there tomorrow and there is also an article going in Interface Magazine to all teachers in NZ as well as an article in our Newspaper's in Education magazine called Extra! We are SO EXCITED. Here is the photograph below ..... We would love your feedback and comments :)

Friday 18th March
Sadly today we have to say farewell, good luck and thanks for coming to Grant's Braes School to Julia in our classroom. It has been a pleasure having you in Ruma Tahi Julia and we wish you and your family all the best for your trip back to Christchurch - please stay in touch with us on this wikispace :)
It has been a busy week in room 1 - we have been working hard with our Addition and Subtraction group work and also our writing to explain inquiry for writing and reading. Our inquiry is going well with a lot of hard work going into our Christchurch Earthquake Wikispace ... Check it out :)
Please also check out our individual pages and give us feedback so we can make our pages better. We have also included some photos on the Art page.
Our wiki is getting a lot of views from around the world - last night alone we had 75 hits :) Very exciting - we really DO have a global audience - make sure your Individual Pages are continuously being updated.
Here are our updated stats.......
Statistics updated 17 Mar 2011@12:44GMT: 423 visits
Total since 2 Mar 2011: 423. Previous 24hrs: 75.

Current Country Totals
From 2 Mar 2011 to 17 Mar 2011

New Zealand (NZ)
United States (US)
United Kingdom (GB)
Australia (AU)
Canada (CA)
Ireland (IE)
Slovakia (SK)
Europe (EU)
Germany (DE)
Netherlands (NL)
Japan (JP)
Singapore (SG)
Brazil (BR)
Hong Kong (HK)
Pakistan (PK)
Israel (IL)
Portugal (PT)

Wednesday 16th March
Found this cool Globe tool today - also thought you can include something like this on your Christchurch Earthquake Wikispace.
Keep up the hard work Room 1
Your favourite teacher
Mr K

Tuesday 15th March
Hi Room 1,
I hope you had a great day with Miss Baxter - your art work looks amazing - please upload your work to the art page in the next few days - take some photos and we can put them up before school tomorrow - I was VERY impressed :)
I have been playing around with Glogster this afternoon and thought it might be a cool tool to help your wikipage stand out above the rest - take a look and let me know once you have something on your page :)
Have fun and I can't wait to see you all tomorrow.
Mr K

P.S. Make sure you check out the Feedback Page and respond to feedback regularly - there has been a HEAP of feedback posted on your wikispace from teachers from all over the world - you are superstars! Check it out :)

Monday 14th March
Our Camp page has been updated with some great comic life displays of photos of our camp - we would love some feedback on the photo's. We will be making movies and sharing them with you soon. Stay tuned. It would be great if more of you can help out with the Christchurch Earthquake Wikispace - after Emily, Hannah and Andrew had their interview on Friday - there will be an article about it coming out VERY soon so we need the wiki to be ready - some spelling checking needs to be done and more information needs to be added - please help and commit to tidying up a page or adding more information - those that add information or help out in some way will receive cash flow if this is done by Thursday :)
Also check out the inquiry page for some photo updates from firewise and bike safety with Constable Rei.

Friday 11th March
We are now back from Waiora and our Year 6 leadership camp - what a fantastic bunch of Year 6 children Grant's Braes School has - you make us very proud - keep it up. We will add photographs and information to our Camp page next week once we catch up on our sleep this weekend.
Stay tuned - in the meantime search through our wiki and also visit our Christchurch Earthquake Wikispace.

Tuesday 8th March
Tomorrow the Year 6 children are off to Camp Waiora for our leadership camp - have fun Year 6's and make the most out of it.
Thought I would share some COOL and exciting statistics with you all ... We are focussing on making our Wikispace a global learning tool and sharing our learning with not only family and friends but other children and educators from around the world. Here are some statistics of unique visitors to our wikispace from countries around the world - VERY exciting stuff - this is only in the last 5 days too!!!!!!!!! Go room 1 - keep your individual pages updated with exciting learning.weareroom1.wikispaces.com--world.jpg
Current Country Totals
From 2 Mar 2011 to 7 Mar 2011

New Zealand (NZ)
United States (US)
United Kingdom (GB)
Canada (CA)
Australia (AU)
Ireland (IE)
Slovakia (SK)
Europe (EU)
Israel (IL)
Brazil (BR)
Singapore (SG)
Hong Kong (HK)

Monday 7th March
Hi Room 1,
Make sure you check out the new Creative Thinking and What Am I pages for this months new questions - good luck .... only the first few people with all answers correct will win - this is open for anyone so send your answers in NOW.
Also share our wiki link with friends and family all over the world and watch the red dots grow on the map above ..........
Mr K

Friday 4th March
Today we travelled by foot to end Walk and Wheel week as a whole school with a fun event up at Rotary Park. We had a great time taking part in activities and playing with our junior buddies. Here are some cool photos of our trip.
Have a great weekend :)

Thursday 3rd March
Hi Room 1 - I thought you would be interested to know more about the NEW i-Pad's being released soon - it is called i-Pad 2 - here is a cool website where you can see what the NEW i-Pads will have - hopefully we can get some soon too :)
Mr K


P.S. New What Am I photos are up :)

Another note - I have found this REALLY cool website - http://www.sumdog.com/ - to help practice your Maths and Basic Facts.

Here is a fantastic resource where you can make your own game - have a go and post your game on your Individual page - http://www.what2learn.com/play-a-game/make-your-own-game/

Tuesday 1st March
It has been 1 week today since the devastating Christchurch Earthquake and it is a pleasure to have Julia with us from Christchurch. I am sure as a community we will look after Julia and her family as they get some time away to our beautiful city and school.
Please check out our Christchurch Earthquake Education wiki at http://christchurchearthquake2011.wikispaces.com
Please also visit our Feedback page and leave us some comments - we would love for you to help us make this space better.
Today at 12.51pm we will be doing 2 minutes silence in memory of our friends and family in Christchurch.

Friday 25th February
This week we were devastated by the news that Christchurch was struck with another massive Earthquake. This time it was much worse than last years one. We have been following the tragedy closely in room 1 and the children have decided to create a Wikispace led by Emily.

The Wikispace link is http://christchurchearthquake2011.wikispaces.com. Their aim is to make it into a resource for school's around NZ and the World to share their learning about Earthquakes. Watch this space ......
Mr K

Wednesday 16th February
Today the room 1, year 6 children had first aid training. They have learnt all about how to be a "people saver". Here are a few pictures of what they are learning about.

Thursday 10th February
Thank you to all of those wonderful parents who turned up to meet me and hear all about room 1 tonight. I hope it was useful.
I would encourage you to look around our wiki and become familiar with it and use it as the main source of communication this year. Comment on your children's pages and get your whole family involved in cyber learning. Enjoy the photos - follow the links below to see all of the new postings.

Tuesday 8th February
Hi Room 1 - week 2 already!
Make sure you keep a close eye on all of the pages on the left hand side <------------ there have been a few updates - especially on the Maths, Reading, PE and Inquiry Pages.
Go now and check them out!!! Here are a couple of photos from Road Patrol Re-Training below ....
Mr K

Wednesday 2nd February

Hi Room 1 and Parents/Caregivers
Thank you so much for a fantastic first day today - you are all FANTASTIC!
I am so inspired by you all and how keen you are to learn and do the right things - keep it up and we are going to have a great year. Remember to not talk while someone else is talking and give everything your best and we will cruise through 2011 being Classroom A. Thank you to everyone who has already asked to join after us signing in and touring the wiki today at school. Already over half of you have requested membership and have started editing your pages - GREAT!
Just a reminder - if you post something on someone else's page or send a message please include your first name at the end so we know who it is from or it will be deleted (remember I can see everything that is sent and posted).
See you tomorrow for another hard working focus day :)

Mr K

Wednesday 2nd February

Here is the multiple Intelligences test we did at school to see the best ways that we learn - maybe you can test your parents and see what ways they learn best - http://www.bgfl.org/bgfl/custom/resources_ftp/client_ftp/ks3/ict/multiple_int/index.htm

Wednesday 2nd February

Kia ora and welcome to Room 1. We hope everyone has had a great summer break and you are ready for an exciting and busy year ahead. This Wikispace will be the source of information sharing throughout the year from notices, to homework and individual pages. Most information will be published online.
Please have a look around and see what it is all about. For more information or if you need any questions answered - please get in touch with me on craigk@grantsbraes.school.nz
Check back soon for some more exciting updates as the children start to explore their new spaces.
Kind Regards
Craig Kemp

*Message to 2010 year 6: there is a year 6 chat wiki that i (richard) have built = GByear62010.wikispaces.com *