Creative Thinking Competition

Every now and then I will post a creative thinking task for you to complete. You will send in your answers the same way you do for the "What Am I?" competition. The first 3 people to get all of the answers correct will get $500 cash flow so put on your thinking caps and have a go at these questions.

Monday 7th March

Hi Room 1
Here is this month's Creative Thinking - good luck - the first 3 to get it correct will get some cash flow .....
The last Creative Thinking Questions are now below.

Mr K



You need to get all 9 - Good luck they are very tricky :)

Wednesday 2nd February - ANSWERS BELOW

Please note: The Quality of the photo is not good so number 4 is quite tricky but if you can see it give it a go :)
1. This is bigger than the both of us
2. Throw up
3. Middle East
4. The dirty dozen
5. Paranoid
6. First person singular
7. You ought to be in the pictures
8. Little House on the Prairie
9. Neither Here nor There