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This is a link to my wiki it will open a new tab http://my-computer-controls-me.wikispaces.com/
My name is Callan and I have 2 cats (Celia & Cloud).On runescape I'm a level 65 and have 4 accounts. My favourite colour is blue, my hair is brown, my eyes are blue and my fav food is triple choc trumpets.
On "Who wants to be a mathonaire" I got $1000000. First aid training was so much fun because we got to put people and be put in
the recovery position and learn how to scrape bee stings out but I loved the rest of it too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(͡๏̯͡๏)=ε/̵͇̿̿/'̿'̿̿̿ ̿(̿(̿̿'̿̿̿̿̿̿̿'̿̿'̿̿̿̿̿'̿̿̿ ̿̿̿ ̿̿̿ ̿ ̿ ¯ (͡๏̯͡๏) I learnt how to do this on a game I play! This is a link to a game I play it will open a new tab http://www.torn.com/register.php?XID=1419814
This is an I-movie I made with clair and olivia

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In room 1 we have been learning digital photography. We have been doing angles, frames, lines, light
and trick photoGraphy.
Here are some the others wern't on the server.








I'm a yellow shirt so I help people with injureys and problems in the playground at lunch.


On the laptops we are doing things like publishing, wiki tasks and finding out fossill information


On the i-pads we have been playing games and sometimes going on the internet


We are learning about?


We are doing procedures which shouldn't be to hard because I've done it lots before


We are learning our mihis.





for inquiry we are learning about gardens And how to make a wormery!

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1. To finish 2 novel challenges
2. To ensure I am always on task and co
mpleting tasks to the best of my abilities
3. To improve the quality of my written work (neatness and effort).



This is a cool youtube fone jacker vid, don't worry it has no bad langauge.

This is an awesome vid of cars drifting!

these are my wonderings about the peninsula for our inquiry. This is a picture of Celia, she is asleep in a car seat.


This is a story I just made up of the spot.
One day a little boy decided to plant some roses for his mum but he got to hungry and started chewing on
the seeds. Then he realised what he was doing and spat them out on the grass. Since those were the
only ones he had he planted them. Then about 5 days later he saw a rose petal growing out of the ground
and said "Yay it's growing." Then 1 month later the rose petal grew about 20 metres high!
The moral of this story is don't chew and then plant Rose petals.


My favourite parts of holes where when barf bag got bit by a ratelsnake and when stanley took the truck.

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27/03/10 I joined Torn City on my computer.
28/03/10 Soccer open day! I got 4 lolly pops, a drink bottle, a bag of chips and a soda. Cricket prize giving! I got 2 sodas and a certificate.
29/03/10 We played a fun game of duck duck goose today before lunch. Harry went in the pot. I won an ariki medal and a trophy for club champs.
30/03/10 Auction! I learned that an auction can have about 4 items in it
THE HOLIDAYS! In the first week of the holidays all I did pretty much was play on the computer and watch t.v so I'm not going to tell you about that.
In the second week I went to the polytecnic holiday program.
We watched 2 movies, planet 51 and Where The Wild Things Are.
We also got to mix up our faces on the computer.
23-26/11/10 CAMP! The funnest activities were probably the first day ones.
Those were abseiling,
air rifling, archery and flying fox. In abseiling Igot one go and
I didn't slip in it. Then it was air rifling I shot lots of stuffed toys and targets. Then
we went to archery and I bet Mr Kemp. Then it was the flying fox it was really fun
and at the end you get a wedgie. I enjoyed the other activities too. If I could describe
camp in three words I would say tiring extreme and fun. Extreme for abseiling and confidence course
tiring for late bedtimes and lots of activities and fun for all of the activities.



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Trap the enemy ghosts by building walls and collecting special power-ups.
Pyramid Runner
Gather riches from ancient pyramids in this modern version of Lode Runner.

Raft Wars
Team up with your brother and defend your treasure against hordes of enemies.

Catapult your tank through the air and destroy the enemy forces.

Shoot balls to deflect them and protect your base from destruction.
A Walk in the Park
Guide both dog and owner in your quest for special treats and power-ups.

Games at Miniclip.com - Volcanic Airways Volcanic Airways

Escape from the Icelandic volcano's ash cloud in your airplane!

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Navigate through a field of scattered cubes to discover new worlds.
Orb Avoidance
Destroy the cluster of magnetized balls by directing them into the gray boxes.
Turtle Shot
Launch the turtle into the air and use the little dog keep it flying.

Battle against human or computer opponents in the ultimate tank war.

Endless War 4
Guide your hero against waves of intelligent opponents as you fight to the finish.

City Jumper
Jump over a series of buildings and obstacles without making contact.
Clear the balls from the pinball table by making groups of three colors.