Bryleigh's Page!?@#$%&

Hey Everyone!!!! This is my page it is really cool eh!!!! Feel free to visit my discussion thread!!!! I have one!!!

There are heaps of photos from Ruma Tahi's camp!! We went to Tirohanga!!! It was soooooooo much fun!!!

We all did things that we weren't used to so in other words we went outside our comfort zone!!!

I MEAN WAY OUTSIDE!!!!!! But it was so much fun!!! We all had a great time and learnt that we are all

really good friends!!! So we really enjoyed ourselves!! Look at some of these photos!!! They Rock!!!!

I am also in the Jump Jam team with my friends Lily,Lauren, & Sophie! But all my other friends are in the second Jump Jam team like Danelle, Toneisha, Brittany & Georgia!!!They are all really cool i have also Got a ton of other friends that aren't in the Jump Jam team!!!

By the way if you are wondering what is Jump Jam it is a dance program by a professional aerobix dance

teacher or instructor called Brent Fairweather!!! He is really cool!!! He makes up dances to different music!!!

He does it on dvd's that you can have at your school!!!! My class is really cool they are really great they are

always their for me and i really enjoyed being with them on our AWESOME CAMP!!!!!! These pictures explain

that we were working together using leadership, teamwork, responsibility and friendship!!!!!!

1 thing you can't explain is how much fun we had!!!!!! I have bonded with alot of people this year

and when i move on to intermediate i hope we will stay in touch!!!!! I am sure we will!!!!!!! ENJOY!!!!

Bryleigh xoxoxo





In this activity we had to stack all of the 15 boxes and heaps of different things!!! We all fell down and got


l started to work together we all really enjoyed it!!! All of the light people went on top!!! I also went on top!!! When we went on

top we had to be real careful!!! One of our team members hurt her hand because the boxes fell down on her hand!!!!

But we got all the boxes on top!!! One of my team members had to lift me up!!! But they were all strong so they did not drop me!!!



Our topic this term is................ MINI-BEASTS!!!!! ScArY!!! I really don't like them!!!! They freak me out!!!

I have no idea why we would want to do it!!!! Most girls in my class really don't want to do it!!!

All the boys like them!!! But i don't see why!!!! they are the most yuck things in the world!!!

Except lady-bugs & butterflies!!!! Here are some more pics!!! DSCN0671.JPG

To make all this happen

we had to have a great teacher!!! We have one of them!!! His name is Mr Kemp!!!!

HE ROX THE HOUSE!!! HE IS ALSO THE BOMB!!!! He helped me with everything!!!!

Even when we were not sure of it!!! He always made you do it!!! And you were scared to

do it but in the end we would have regreted not doing it!!! He helps me with everything!!! GO MR K!!!!


This picture was when we were all listening about mini beasts and how they are all different and how they have 3 different body parts!!!

They have a thorax an abdoman, thorax & a head!!! Something I learnt was that I spider is not a insect and that it only has an abdomen

and a thing called the sephellothorax!!!

WEIRD!!! The way you prononce it is SEPH-HELLO-THORAX!!! It was a great trip!!!!!

JuMp JaM rOx, BrO!!!!! LOLZ!!!! I love it!!! I really enjoy sport!!! I am in a activate team!!! We go off and represent our school and do

healthy food quizes and courses!!!! YAY!!!!! I am ready to do the Jump jam extravaganza!!!!! I have just spent 45 mins with my

bestie doing Jump jam bags!!! What we had to do is put lots of things in the bag like balls, stickers, certificates and HEAPS MORE!!!!!

It was real CoOl BrO!!!! My awesome teacher Mr Kemp is the bomb!!! He organizers the extravaganzas!!!! I have been in 3 so far!!!!!!

Just b4 we went into his car, "we" Meaning me and me bestie soph, and we were looking for all these things to put in the bags!!!!!!

I get to sit next to soph but i don't get to sit by my other friends!!!! But she is the bomb and only started the 2nd day of school!!!!

But she is really gr8!!!!!!!! I am going for a sleepova at her house and i am sooooooooooooooooooo excited!!!!!!!! LOLZ!!!!!!

She is in my Jump Jam team we have sooooooooo much fun and we are always talking and laughing!!!! SHE ROX!@#$%^&*!@$#@(&*%^@#$&*$!@$%*&*$%@##@%&**(^#$#$


As you probably no this is my last year at grants braes!!!! It is SAD!@#$%^$#@#$!$#^#@#!!@# I love this school

and i don't want to leave it!!! But i guess it will be cool to start at tahuna!!! BUT SCARY AS WELL!!!!

This has been a gr8 schoool!!! Today we are going to the mayfair for jump jam!!!!! YAY!!!!DSCN0586.JPG

This Photo is a picture of us at camp!! We were called the flaming bananas! We worked really well as a team!

There were activites that were super hard but we worked really well and that is how we worked through them!

I really enjoyed camp and i am looking foward to our end of year one! We are going to a place called Wainakirua!

It will be so much fun!! xx


YAY YAY YAY!!! Oh My Gosh it was so cool when my teacher Mr Kemp told us!

I am so excited we get to fly up to Auckland and i have never been in the north island so it will be

sooooooooooo much fun!!!!


100_0974.jpg 100_0970.jpg100_1139.jpg100_1092.jpg

These are some pictures of my friends and me! Camp was about making new friends and we all made lots of friends!!!! It was so much fun and i really enjoyed my self!!! I am looking forward to our next camp in Wainakirua! It will be so much fun but i just wish we could pick our tent and cabin groups!!! But Mr K chooses them and our activity groups!! But i guess that is ok!! LOVE ME XOXOXO

Our documentry is just coming up and we are ready to film! YAY! GUESS WHAT? 3 more weeks till our next camp! YAY! I am very excited! It will be alot of fun! I am looking forward to it!

083_P1010448.JPGI am really looking forward to going to our next camp! IT WILL BE AWESOME! I hope it is as good as our last one! I am very happy! Then about 1 week after it is my jump jam nationals! YAY! The other team is going up is well that is the all boys team!