Amberley's awesome Page!!!

Hey peoples I'm Amberley and this is my page.My fav colours are blue,pink and green.All my friends call me Amby I am 10 years old and I like being with my friends and talking. This is my friend Toneisha's page.toneisha This is also my friend Georgia's page.georgia
I want to say hey to Danelle, Georgia, Toneishia, Lauren, Brittany,Sophie, Bryleigh and Lily! They are all my friends and they are all soooooooo cool!!!!!!! My class rox so much. I am going to miss them when I leave this school because it is my last year. I am going to miss my teacher Mr Kemp to he is the best teacher I have ever had. He rox!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It is term 3 we are learning about school fairs! We have had school fair it was so fun I was on nail painting then I had free time I bought so bath bombs and played lots of games[We made the bath bombs]
Our new topic is Why Asia is important to us.
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Here is my procedure that I wrote