Thursday 8th December 2011

today we are doing the market day, i am doing can throw. :) :P :H

origami should be compulsory at school.

I think that origami is a good source of thinking and experimenting. some teachers think that origami is not good at all,but that is

wrong!!! I think that origami is really good for following the instructions in books and learning new types of folds.

bungy jumping

before i got attached to the equipment i said will the rope snap will i hit the bottom of the river. will i? when i got attached i gave my camera to to guy he said if you don't jump you will be sorry. what will i be sorry for. i will drop your camera of the bridge. what!!!!!!!!!!! he said 3!!! 2!!! 1!!!! bungy !!! I jumped and it was so cool i got speeds up to 60 miles per hour.

Wednesday 16th November

Thursday 27th & Friday 28th October

On Thursday iron Brian came to our school,it was really funny and after you got a nice burger.on Friday we went to the library

Thursday 1st September

today we have been doing creative dance it is really fun. you have to make a dance out of your own.ours is really cool ours is 1:00 long and really creative.At lunch time we had a soccer tournament we are playing Moshi vs Saints (i am in the saints).

Wednesday 2nd september

Today we have been writing to persuade. Here are some things you might whant to read.

  • good description

  • always start with a problem

  • give resons why

  • give a sigestion

  • fix the problem

thursday 25th August

Today we did G.L.P as always. After we did G.L.P we went straight to maths, and then played maths tigy it is fun.


Today at school we are learning about ratios. ratios are like 3:6 and 1:4.

  • Forest fires can travel faster uphill than downhill !

  • A sand castle in Maine ,u.s.a stood as high as a three story building !

  • A mouse's heart is as big as a Tic- Tac !

  • A human's eyelash last about 5 months

  • the binturong a southeast Asian mammal smells like buttered popcorn when excited !

  • Your ears can produce more wax when afraid !

  • Your heart is so powerful that it could shoot water six feet in the air !

  • Your brain uses the same amount of power as a 10 Walt light bulb!

  • there are more text messages sent each day than there are people on earth !

  • if you spent 1 dollar every second it woulds take about 32 year's to spend a billion dollars !

monday22nd August

At school we are learinig About creative Dance,It is really fun because you get to make your own dance with other people.

Sunday 21st August

Sorry for not updating my wiki for a month!! I didn't do much stuff today, but yesterday I went to rugby prize giving. I got the best team player award, I got a trophy and a certificate for it. I got another award that was laminated and that was for wining all of our games this season. Afterwards we went to the new stadium (Forsyth Barr stadium) to get tickets for the game between Phoenix vs Roar. after we got the tickets we came home to get ready for the game at 5:30.

»Thursday 21st July

I hope Every one is having a good holiday!! I am.

yesterday I went to the library with my mum and sister. I got this book called 'Weird but True'. It has a lot of weird facts in it. Here are some of the facts I found were very interesting.

  • A Rubik cube can make 43,252,003,274,489,856,000 different combinations.

  • A hill in NZ is named Taumatawhakangihangakoauauotamateapokaiwhenuakitanatahu !!!

  • Recycling 1 soda can saves enough energy to run a TV for 3 hours!

  • Sharks have existed longer than trees!

  • A Zeptosecond is 1 billionth of a trillionth of a second!

  • Babies yawn before they are born!

  • Scents smell better through your right than your left!

  • Bees visit about 5 million flowers to make one averaged size jar of honey!

  • Ketchup was originally sold as medicine!

»Monday 4th July

At school we played rocket, to know how to play, look at Wednesday 4th May

»Thursday 23rd June

At school we did writing a mystery story it is fun. Next we did was hand writing and the letter was G. when I was finished I read a book until everyone was reading then we went to the mat and read small steps. It was lunch and I went to eat because I had to go to rippa at the Edgar centre because we need paced we did a game and we won it was 3 to 5.

»Wednesday 22nd June

At school we have Mr Paterson in our class he is Awesome .At the start of the day Mr Paterson is teaching the first thing we did was maths we did a game it is called gambler it is awesome. The next thing we did was 10QQ that is a maths game that is fun this is how you play the teacher rights 10 questions on the board and when he says go you right the answers down in your maths book And when the teacher says stop you put your pencils down the teacher will right the answers.

»Tuesday 21st June

At school we are learning to do double and halving this is a easy way to to problems. Today we are doing lots of samples and writing sheets and that It is boring. we are also doing art and it is awsome.

»Monday 20th June

At the start of school I watched Andrew do blastbox. He got up to level 20, it was a maze one.It was hard but he completed it and then the bell rang and we went to or desks and then Mr P and Miss G came in. we usually have G.L.P but we didn't do it today. Next we did maths we do rocket and bowler fact they are awesome.Then we did doge ball we got everything ready we put the benches for the wall and 4 balls to throw. The teams were girls v boys the boys won and the girls lost. The bell rang and we went to Interval.

»Wednesday 15th June

At the start of the day I played on the computers And they are cool. As the bell rang we went to our desk. we did G.L.P as usual.when we did G.L.P we did kiwi kids news cody was the person on the list to share.

»Tuesday 14 th June

At the start of the day I played a game on the laptops. It was on 'a It is awesome!!! At 9,00 o,clock the bell rang and we went on to the mat and waited until Mr Kemp came in.

»Monday 13th June

At the start of the day I played on the i pads. We have got five of them and we are getting five new iPad twos. When the bell rang we got to our desks and waited till Mr Kemp came in. When Mr Kemp came in we did G.L.P. Mine was Greatfull that we are getting 5 new i pad 2's. Learnt - we are learning to do finger prints. Promise - I promise to work hard. Next we did Kiwi Kids News. Abe had his turn and he told us about Micheal Jackson's top being auctioned. Bidding went to 250,000 pounds. Then we did gym. We have a gym festival this week. I like the beam.

»In the last month I have been busy going to the Sports Exchange Palmerston. We went on bus. It took an hour to get there. I played Mini ball - we won. I also played Ripper Rugby - we lost 9-7. I played in a Rugby Tournament. We played 6 games and won them all. The fifth and sixth where the hardest games. We got a trophy to keep. We also got a chocolate bar and fizzy drink.When i got out of the club rooms we did a pitcher with all of the rugby team. After the pitcher we left to get home.

»Thursday 12th may

At the start of the day I did kiwi kids news, mine was Band for having a Mohwk. An Australian foot baller with a mohawk got sent off the field because the umpire thought that his hair would poke someone in the eye. It suprised him because he has been playing for three years with a mohawk.

»Wednesday 11th may

At the start of the day I had to send the day book around the school. First our class room was room1. We read it first then it goes to room 2, then room 3 and so on. Room 7 is the last class room. {new entrance}. The next thing we did was looking at the kiwi kids news. There was this man who got zapped by the power lines his face melted and he had to have a face transplant. After morning tea we did hand writing. Our letter was U and the tutor was Hannah.

»Thursday 5th May

my G.L.P was great full that we are geting five new ipad 2s and 12 new apple lap learnt was that we have an investigation

»Wednesday 4th May

we changed to Writing our G.L.P in our P.E book insted of saying it bto the teacher. arfter we did we looked at kiwi kids news it changes every day. Then we did rocket it is a maths game that is fun. This is how to play your teacher gets a big dice and roll them. When the dices are all rolled put the number in your maths book and make the highest one at the top and the lowest one at the bottom.

»Wednesday 6th April

Today we did G.L.P then we looked at the kiwi kids page it is a childrens page and there is lot of facts. It is like a newspaper for kids and it changes every day.

»Tuesday 5th April

Today we did G.L.P. Mine was - I am grateful for having the i pads. I learnt that I am the lunch monitor this week. My promise was to do my work and not talk. After play we did handwriting and Abe was the tutor. After lunchtime Mrs McKiever was our teacher for the afternoon because Mr Kemp was away. While Mr Kemp was away we played Zap and then we senior sports but It was raining.

»Monday 4th April

When I got to school we did G.L.P, that means graetful lernt, promise.Then we played rocket. It is a fun maths game and it helps you know what is coming next. We changed desks.

»Friday 1 April

We were looking at Beach Ed and Sun Safe. It is a good time to know when you are at the beach because you might get burnt. This is something you should read - slip slop slap wrap slurp slide.We were also learning about earthquakes .They are frightning for the people that went through the after shocks. They don't know when there is another one coming. There is silt everywhere and broken buildings and lots of homes are gone.