Wednesday 31st August

Check below to see some cool Persuasive writing activities you can do as well as a fact vs opinion task we did yesterday in class.


Have a go at some of these activities below - post some feedback on your page to show what you have been learning about in your own time.
Writing_workshop.jpg Advertisingjpg.jpg
Persuasion_Map.jpg Advertising_tricks.jpg

Friday 26th August

Yesterday for writing to persuade as a whole class we did an activity focussing on Facts Vs Opinions - we read a story and highlighted on the Mimio which parts we thought were facts and which were opinions - check out our thoughts below - we would love your ideas and feedback if you have differing opinions to us.
Wednesday 24th August
Today during reading and writing we identified some important features of persuasive texts that we have found during our discoveries phase through guided reading. Check out what we made today on the mimio ....... We would love your ideas too :)
Friday 19th August
We have been learning to write to persuade. We read the persuasive text "Flying the Flag" in our reading groups and were so persuaded by the author that we decided to design and create our own NZ flags. We will be adding our individual flags to our pages next week with their meanings so keep an eye on our individual pages. Below is the Powerpoint we shared at assembly tonight.

Monday 15th August
Our Reading and writing topic for the start of this term is Writing to persuade - we are reading and writing about persuasive texts and will be working through the process of writing our own after we have discovered more about what makes a GREAT persuasive text.
We will keep you updated with more information soon.

End of Term 2
In Room 1 we have been writing mysteries here are the stories that have been completed:
-Adam-Andrew -Cayla
-Eden -Emily -Emma
-Georgia -Gracie-Hannah
-Harrison -Kyle -Leon
-Lynley -Michael -Ryan

We use an inquiry approach for our writing programme. At the moment we are learning how to write information reports. Here is an example of our inquiry writing process

  1. First we read examples of a type of genre we are learning about.
  2. We find and look for features used in this type of writing.
  3. Next we make a 'test' criteria for what we think makes a GREAT piece of writing.
  4. We then test our criteria out by using a cross classification chart (tick chart). external image msword.png Cross Classification - Fairy Tales.doc - here is an example.
  5. After we have tested our criteria we have finally discovered what makes a GREAT piece of writing.
  6. We use this to make our own criteria and these are the things we focus on during our writing process external image msword.png Final Marking Criteria for a GREAT Fairy Tale.doc - here is an example of a final marking criteria sheet.
  7. Once we reach the writing process we follow the picture below.
  8. Here are the sheets that we use when author circling (reading and assessing each others writing to make it better).
    You will learn how to Author Circle (see below) which will make sure we are helping each other make our writing BETTER and more exciting to read. Our new Author Circle Routines are here: