Thursday 27th October

This week Mr K has been teaching us all of his learning from the U-Learn conference he went to in the holidays. We have learnt about e-books and have had our first go at making e-readers from picture books we got out of the library - please check out our videos below - they are also on our reading page - we are sharing them with our junior buddies tomorrow. Please leave us some feedback.

Monday 15th August
Our Reading and writing topic for the start of this term is Writing to persuade - we are reading and writing about persuasive texts and will be working through the process of writing our own after we have discovered more about what makes a GREAT persuasive text.
We will keep you updated with more information soon

Signatures in Space - August 9

Today in reading, some children will be discussing and investigating a Blenheim school's story involving the Cassini space programme, NASA and safety concerns. Our current focus is persuasive texts and we will be exploring how publishing certain facts may affect the opinion of the audience.

Here are some resources that may help with your follow up activity.
When reading these, consider who is creating the information and what they are trying to persuade the reader to believe.
Some of these are pretty tough reading...

An article about the school and the event:
NASA information page for Cassini:
Wikipedia has a large article with lots of facts and information:–Huygens
Some articles about the issue:

Term 1

Our Reading topic for Term 1 is Explanations - we are learning all about what makes a GREAT Explanation and then we will use our learning to Write a GREAT Explanation. Here are some photos of our first reading session on explanations today (9th February).

Our first class novel of the year is Holes by Louis Sachar. We will keep you updated as we get into it a bit more.
Here is a cool website to find out more about Holes and some cool activities for you to do -

We have been set a mission to complete different novel challenges throughout the year.

Our first Novel Challenge is:

  • To choose and read 7 different novels.
Here is your list of activities for the first novel challenge -

Our Second Novel challenge is:

  • To choose and read 7 different genres.
  • The genres are; contemporary, mystery, fantasy, science-fiction, adventure, historical and humourous.

Our Third novel challenge is:

  • To read 7 different authors
  • We must read books by at least 2 NZ authors; (We can decide which)
  • We can then choose any other authors as long as we read 7 different ones (e.g. C.S.Lewis, Roald Dahl, Emily Rodda,
  • L.M.Montogomery, Judy Blume, Enid Blyton, Joanne Rowling).