Physical Education and Sport

Monday 15th August
Our PE topic for the start of Term 3 is focussing on Creative Dance and the elements of dance. We can't wait to use elements of dance to tell a story.

Thursday 15th July

Here are the dance videos

With Mrs G we have done a soccer tournament we played 3 deciding games then a 3rd and 4th place off and then a final. Team 3 came on top with tying all their games and winning in the final. Team 1 Coming Second, Team 4 coming third and Team 2 coming lucky last. We have done a self assessment sheet on this.
Dance videos are coming soon

Wednesday 18th May
During the first 6 weeks of term 2 we are learning about Gymnastics. We will be attending the Otago Peninsula Gymnastics Festival on 15th June this term. We have been working really hard to learn the routines and make sure we are technically accurate. Here are some photos from Gym today of us learning our routines.
We are learning how to play co-operative games to start the year in room 1 - here are some photos of us:
This first game was to try and reverse the order of our teams on the benches without falling off as fast as possible - it required GREAT teamwork!!