Tuesday 1st November
Today with Mr Kemp the millions math group split into Girls and Boys we had to make showme videos to show how to do adding decimals on a number line the GIRLS won because we called Mr Kemp awesome and showed him the nek minnet video. Heres the "Winning" Showme
By Hannah And Emily

Saturday 29th October

Mr K showed us a math game to go on everyday.
Gracie Ruma Tahi
xtra math
Tuesday 25th October
This Term in Ruma Tahi we are learning about Addition and Subtraction strategies for Numeracy. Today we started our Numeracy learning to do with Addition and Subtraction. Mr K put us into our groups and we got to use a cool app on the iPad's called ShowMe. We used this app to make a video of a strategy we know how to use to help solve problems. We then uploaded them onto the ShowMe website through the iPad's by ourselves. Here they are - this is our first ever go at using this app - we are pretty proud of the results. Do you know these strategies?! Please leave us some feedback.

Wednesday 31st August

Here are some fraction games that will help you with your understanding of Fraction strategies and knowledge. If you find any other games related to your groups WALT's please add them to this page as well as your individual page.
Mr K

Making Pizzas

Bowling Fractions

Potions - Matching fractions

Fraction games

Fraction Golf

Fraction Shoot

Fraction addition

Finding a fraction of a number

Fishing For Fractions

Flitting with Fractions

Action Fraction

Fraction Monkeys


Thursday 18th August

This term we are learning about fractions, decimals, proportions and ratios for mathematics.
We will upload some more information both on this page and on our individual pages about our specific WALT's and learnings. Stay tuned.

Tuesday 5th July

With Mrs Gingerich today we found out that we are doing Transformations for Maths. The things we learnt are that Transformations evolve around lots of things like Translations, Rotation, Lines of Symmetry and Tesselation patterns.


This term the squares maths group have been learning the compensation and the place value strategies here is an example of each strategy
Compensation: 5 x 69 =345

69 +1 =70

70 x 5 = 350
350 - 5 = 345
You have to - 5 in this sum because you + 1 to the 69 so you have to take of 1 group of 5 if you times it by 6 them you - 6
By Andrew ruma tahi

Wednesday 6th April

We have been working hard in class to learn more addition and subtraction strategies - here are the Diamonds and Squares groups attempts at making some cool i-can animate videos on their strategies - leave us some feedback - we would love to know your thoughts.
Friday 1st April
This is no April Fool's joke - ROOM 1 ARE MASTER MATHEMATICIANS!!!! Check out the video's below as well as the amazing strategies they have been learning this week on the comic life display that we did today before lunch. We would love your feedback!

Thursday 30th March

This is an amazing piece of learning by the Circles group. We have been learning how to jump the number line to help us solve addition problems when there is an unknown number. - check it out and give us some feedback.

Friday 25th March

This is an amazing piece of learning by the Triangles group. We have been learning how to split numbers to help us solve subtraction problems - check it out and give us some feedback.

Friday 11th March

This year we are having a special Fraction Friday session every Friday because we have noticed that the children's Fraction and Decimal knowledge and strategy skills are low - stay tuned to this page to see what we have been learning to do with Fractions and Decimals in class.

Thursday 3rd March

Here is a great Maths website that is free - check it out

Thursday 10th February

We have been learning about Statistics and about statistical investigations. Here are some photos of our Statistical work today when we gathered data, discussed the data, presented the data in a graph and then shared our learning with the class. Enjoy!

Tuesday 1st February

This term in room 1 we are learning about addition and subtraction using the numeracy project (for more info on the Numearcy project see the links below). The children will be learning some new strategies to help them solve problems easier. The more we work on the strategies the easier the problems will be to solve. Ask your child to bring their Math's Scrapbook home and you can work on some problems together :) You never know the children might teach you something!

Math's Links and Games

  • Times Tables Game - An Excellent game for you to use at home to improve your times tables - test yourself, keep a record and improve your tables. Highly Recommended!
  • 2+2 Maths For Kids - 2+2 is a free application that lets kids practice their maths. Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division are all covered. An encouraging human voice guides you through all exercises, and soothing music is played in the background.
  • Multi-Flier - Selection of games to help reinforce times tables skills - includes free worksheet creator.
  • Alan's Fractions - Makes learning fraction's fun. Alans Fractions introduces Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division of fractions. Easy interface for kids.
  • Animated Clock - A program for junior-middle school children (years 1-4) that teaches tham to tell time in a variety of ways.

Numeracy Information for Parents

Activities to help your child -

What is the numeracy project? -

What can I do to help my child with maths? -

Glossary of Maths terms -

We will update this regularly see you can see what we are doing in class to do with Mathematics.

Monday 24th January

Here are a whole lot of links and games that are related to each numeracy stage. If you are not sure what stage you should be working on please send me a message or come and ask me :) ENJOY!

Stage 4- Advanced Counting
Sequence and Order
Mend the 100 board-
Count along to 100-
Grouping and Place Value
Splitting the number- The Amoeba game-
Basic Facts
Add facts 1-15-

Stage 5- Early Additive
Sequence and Order
Finding fractions-
Ordering to 1000
Level C Ordering to 999-
Greater than or less than-
Greater or less-
Grouping and Place Value
Save the apples-
Place Value Pirates-
Basic Facts
Addition Fact grid-
Fridge Magnet Maths-
Times Table Grid-
Sum Sense addition-

Stage 6- Advanced Additive
Sequence and Order
From 1000-
Ordering decimals-
Fraction ordering Level E number fractions-
Reading large numbers Level G, Number (Black Bird)-
Greater than less than-
Builder Ted-
Dolphin racing ordering fractions-
Grouping and Place Value
Place Value to a million-
Decimal Place Value-
Introducing percentages-
Matching percentages and fractions-
Think of a number-
Basic Facts
Multiplication grid-
Multiples- patterns-
Fractions to make 1-
Maths baseball-
Maths machine-
Sum sense multiplication-
Sum sense division-

Stage 7 Advanced Multiplicative/ Stage 8 Advanced Proportional
Sequence and Order
Ordering decimals-
Fractions match-
Mission Magnetite-
Equivalent fractions-
Grouping and Place Value
Rounding off-
Basic Facts
Square Numbers-
Multiples and factors-
Converting fractions and decimals-
Fractions of numbers-
Saloon Snap-
Equivalent fractions-
The Grid Game- level 3-
Matching fractions decimals and percentages-

Measurement and Geometry Digital Learning Objects
Animal weigh in-
Check my weight-
Weigh it up-

Area, Perimeter, Shape and Angle
Shape surveyor-
Points of View-
Quadrilateral sorter-
Sort the triangles-
Sort the quadrilaterals-
Geometric rainbow-
Geometry Facts-
Fruit picker- angles game-
Area of triangles-
Using a protractor-
Measuring angles-
Banana hunt measuring angles -
Space angles-
Kung Fu Angles-
Hitting the target- angles through sports-

Reflective symmetry-
Symmetry Sorter-
Symmetry Game-

Stop the clock-

Which contains more?
Can you fill it?

Problem Solving
Making measurements-

Here is an awesome website to help you learn and practise all of your times tables - get practising -