Friday 16th September

Here is Amelia's presentation on Argentina that she shared with us -

Tuesday 13th September

For Inquiry today we are doing a Scavenger hunt about the RUGBY WORLD CUP:
Here are the links:
Questions 1-5 -
Question 6 -
Question 7 -
Question 8 -

Monday 12th September

Today we are going to look into the Rugby World Cup - the opening ceremony was on Friday night and it was spectacular - we are going to use this RAS alert sheet to identify some special features of the opening ceremony of this once in a lifetime big event. Here are the youtube clips we will be watching.

Monday 5th September

Today we will be doing some investigation using the laptops, exploring what is involved in planning big events.
Use a visual organiser to summarise your research, suggestions are:
  • Sequence Chain
  • Timeline
  • Mind Map / Brainstorm
  • Research Wheel
  • Question Grid

Here are some websites to get you started, they explore a wide variety of events:

Mr. E

Friday 26th August
We have been doing some great learning about BIG events and have been tuning into what we already know - we are nearly ready to start finding out more information about how events are managed and organised. We really want to meet some experts to help us with our learning - if you know someone please let us know.

Monday 15th August
Our inquiry topic this term is "How do you organise a Big Event?" - we are focussing on the Rugby World Cup and our school fair and we might even look at organising and running our own Big Event. EXCITING! Stay tuned for more info ....

Thursday 11th July
Tomorrow we are having a court type thing showing the judges (Mrs G, Miss Hubac and Miss Collins) who we think commited the crime!

Tuesday 7th June
Here is the video from our collection of the evidence from the crime scene ..... Please leave us some comments!

Here are some cool CSI type games you might like to play online to test your super investigation skills :)

Friday 27th May
Today we shared this inquiry video at our assembly. This video shows our learning and experience so far this term on our inquiry topic of "How Does Science Help us Solve Mysteries?". We are getting closer to making some big advances in our investigation. Next week we will be looking at all evidence and narrowing down evidence. We are going to be looking at the "to-do list" that was left at the scene to see if it can help us at all.

Friday 20th May
We visited the Police station today and got to learn a lot more about the Forensic Science department, we got to look in the cells and have a good look at the vehicles and other bits and pieces at the police station like fingerprinting. All of this new learning will help us solve the crime at our school - here are some photographs of our trip.

Wednesday 18th May
Our Term 2 inquiry is "How does Science Help us Solve Mysteries?". On the last Thursday of the school holidays our school dental clinic was broken into and the police are too busy with other more serious crimes and they have asked our senior school students to help them with their investigations. As a result we are learning all about forensic science so we can aid in the police investigation.
Here are some photographs from our inquiry so far after 2 1/2 weeks back.


We used the Mimio to anaylse a photo from the crime scene

Thursday 24th March
We have been focussing our inquiry lately on Earthquake safety and what we can do to help those in Christchurch. We are excited to say we have been doing some AMAZING things .... We have created a Wikispace to help and educate people about Earthquakes. Check it out by clicking here and help us spread the word.
Here are some raps that we made in class during inquiry to help educate others about Earthquakes ...... Click on the feedback page to let us know your thoughts ....

Monday 14th March
Here are some comic life photo displays of our finding out stage of our inquiry - we have been learning a bit about fire safety thanks to the St Kilda Fire Station staff and we have also been looking at KOS and Bike Safety with Constable Rei. We have looked at how to check our bikes and helmets to ensure they are safe as well as doing a bike safety course - it has been great fun. Enjoy the photos and please feel free to post some comments on our feedback page.
2011 - Term 1 Inquiry - How do I keep myself safe?
Here are some photos of us doing some Tuning In Activities for our Term 1 Inquiry topic of how do I keep myself safe? ENJOY!


Information for Parents/Caregivers
Here is some information to help you get your head around inquiry learning. For most of you this will be brand new, but it is very exciting and I hope you have seen some encouraging positive signs of inquiry coming through in your children.

At School we use the Kath Murdoch Inquiry Model

This teaching model follows a sequence of activities and experiences to build on and challenge student perceptions. The sequence is inquiry based – it begins with student’s prior knowledge and experience and moves through a deliberate process that helps the knowledge to be extended, challenged and refined.

Sequence of activities

• Tuning in
• Finding out
• Sorting out
• Going further
• Making connections
• Taking action.

Why use an Inquiry based approach?

• It helps children take responsibility for their learning
• Provides for new learning – extends on prior – helps to find new
• Students evaluate their learning and each others
• Detailed approach – working through the sequence of activities
• Allows students to use a variety of great thinking tools
• Caters for a range of learning styles – multiple intelligences
• Allows for deeper understanding – students make connections
• Gives students a real purpose for learning
• Allows success for all – collaborative learning
• Students see teacher as a learner also
• Students own it! – their work their ideas.
• High engagement – ownership, authenticity, relevance
• Deeper independent learning skills
• Vehicle for integration of the curriculum
• Fosters connected learning – a sense of journey
• Taps into student’s CURIOSITY

Please check out this PowerPoint which will help you further understand the different stages in our inquiry model.