OMG camp in 4 days can not wait !!!!!
On monday we have a day when we check we have everything.
CAN NOT WAIT !!!!!!!!

Wednsday 26 October
Today we have had a fun day this is what we did :
Mr Kemp made us do more of our e-books that was for the hole start of the day to Morning Tea. Then we had a normal stuff like handwriting , writing / reading. Mr kemp showed us a funny clip and it is called Simon's Cat. Mr Kemp paused it after a minute and we had to write down what was going to happen next. this is what happend next the cat got a baseball bat and hit the owner onthe head to wake him up after doing lots of other stuff, just because he was hungry!!!!! Then after lunch Mr Kemp showed us a picture of a class room in the 1890's. We had to draw a venn digram it showed us what was the same what was different in our class room and what was different in thier class room. We finished of one of the things we had been working on from yesterday. So that was things I did today.

Tuesday 25 October
First day of school! Today we got to put our desks next to our friends in a group. In my desk group I have Emily, Ella ,Kacey and me. For maths we went into groups of 3 or 4.

In my maths group I have Ella and Cayla. Mr Kemp showed us a program to help kids do math problems it is called " Show me ". We also did a poster about an + or -. Then

we had Morning tea and after that we had to write about what we did in the holidays.We also went down to the libray to get a book out to do this thing called e-book .It is when

you take photos and put them into I movie and record your vocies and reading the book s the people watching it know the words and they can see the picturs as well. In my

we have croped the photos and put them into I movie, know we have to get all the timeing right and record our vocies. Bye have to go now . :(


In the holidays this is what I did :

On Saturday I went to a wedding of one of our friends Charlotte. It was really fun. I saw one of my friends Sophie and I made a new friend and her name is Georgia (not the Georgia at this school). On Sunday Mum and I went up to Queenstown. My Dad had to say here because of work. We went on the Luge it is sooo much fun. We went to Arrowtown, we went to the lollly store and got some lollies and homemade fudge. We stayed at my Nana's and Grandad's and they have a cat called Soddy. We went home on Thursday.Then I did stuff on Friday like :
Going to the Movies,hanging out with friends and reading.
Then on Monday I went to a Guide camp for a week Monday 10:00 am - Friday 2:00 pm. At camp on the first day we put up tents had lunch then went down to the water hole. The water was freeezzing cold !!!! Then we cooked our dinner and went to the tents to sleep. We did sooo much on camp that I can tell you later. So after camp Mum and I went to a cafe to have a hot drink. Then Mum told me that Alexis was coming to our house for a sleepover, it was great to see her and we had lots of fun. On Saturday Alexis invited me to the Museum. We got given questions about something or the name of somthing or we had to find the location were it was. If we got the question right we got a lolly. In my team I had Kate, Abby, Tara, Alexis and me. There were some older girls in a team and the boys in another team. On Sunday we did normal stuff like reading, Mum doing the gardening and watching the Rugby World Cup Final !!!! Mum could not watch any more because the score was so close! But we still won the Rugby World Cup Yay !!!! :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) So today Mum and I went down to help Georgia's Mum (Georgia from this school) with the sausage sizzle we were doing down at the Warehouse to raise money for our Year 6 camp. Then we went to go and get a icecream. It was very yummy.Then Mum said that I could update my Wikipage. See you at school or on my Wiki page tomorrow!!

Wednesday 5 October
Sorry I haven't up-dated my page. Today we had a normal type of day for me we did stuff like reading ,handwriting ,shared story and maths.Have to go ,BYE :)
Wednesday 21 September
Today we had swimming I could not go because I have a cold and I am losing my voice. :( Ella ,Max, Ruby and I had to go to room 6
to help out .
After the class came back we had to do writing then Rugby World Cup stuff ( There is a game down below to do with the Rugby World Cup )
Wednesday 14 September
Today we just went to swimming at the pool.
I did not go swimming last week.Because I had a cast on.Last week I got my cast of my cast was green.
Tuesday 13 September
Today we did the normal thing :
Fraction maths

Creative Dance (If time )
Morning Tea

Reading groups
Silent reading
Hatchet (a shared story )
I don't know the rest because I went to the dintist and everything went well :)

Monday 12 September
This week we have a group that are called Ero. BYE!!!

My goals
  • To complete my work on time by working faster and not getting distracted by other people
  • To move up a level in the basic facts test - practice, practice, practice makes perfect!!
  • To move up a level in spelling - practice, practice, practice makes perfect!!

Sunday 4 September
Today we went down to the Town Hall to do this thing when they do the capping of the Argentina team. They had 3 welcomes, the Kings & Queens group, some dancing and more. At the very end we could get things signed I got 9 autographs in a green booklet. I got a tiny badge that the team was handing out to the people that were at the front that was cool, it is a puma, which is what their team is called, the Pumas. After that we went to the pet shop to look at the puppies they are soooo cute. We went to get some food to have at the park and we saw some people filming something I don't know what, but it wasn't anything big, it was just 4 people filming something. We went home and went on the computer, Skyped some friends, then I went on We are room 1 and updated my page. Here are some photos from the Town Hall.

Argentina_and_NZ_flags.jpg Waita.jpgWorld_Cup_flag.jpg

Dragon.jpg Highland_dancers.jpg


This the Argintina Captain talking about his team.



Tuesday 30 August
Today we have done the normal things. This is what we did:

*10 quick questions
* Rocket
*Creative dance
Morning tea
*Handwriting & spelling books
*Quick write
*Reading groups
*Ruma Tahi Rocket (we don't know what this is, Mr E is going to teach us)
*Silent reading

*Hatchet (shared story)
*Senior Sport

Last week Room1 and Room 7 had an Assembly. Room 1 shared some flags that we drew ourselves. My one took a long time to do. But I think it is awesome.

flag.jpgI hope you like it
Flying The Flag
In reading Mr Kemp made each reading group read a book called Flying The Flag. It was trying to persuade people to change the New Zealand flag. In the book there was an activity for you to design the pattern and colours for your ideal NZ flag. I did a fern that is made out of Koru's because it represents the Maori culture and the fern is found in the bush in NZ. I did the Sothern Cross because we can see them in the night sky in New Zealand, a Kiwi because it is the native bird of New Zealand, and I did a Union Jack (but I did the colours the wrong way around!). These things stand for our history, the plants, the sky, the birds and animals and the green stands for the land.

We are learning to persuade someone to do something we might like them to do. For homework last week Mr Kemp asked us to try and persuade him to have a shared lunch. In writing we have a discoveries chart to write down the good things, the bad and the interesting things. What I have learnt:
*To have a strong start.
*Two different opinions.
*Have strong words.
*Make your side the best side to go with.
*Use persusive words (e.g. sharp, uncomforble, sore, unsafe and broken.)
*Use true facts (e.g. I have been cut many times from these chairs.)
*Have a good reading size.
*Don't make it go on and on, make it short and interesting.

In maths we have been learning to solve easy ratios.Here is a fun game you can play: Ratio game
Here is a maths link to a website: cool maths games
A spelling game: spelling
A Rugby World Cup game: Rugby World Cup
This year we are having a school Fair here is a game that is really fun: A fun fair game
A game we play on the i-pads: Pearl Diver

Friday 5 August
I am going to the Columba College open day today.
I am going at 11:10 and not coming back to school!
Thursday 4 August
Today I have done not that much.
1.It Is half way through the day.
2.I have a hurt leg and I can't do that much.
3.At home I can not get down to the computer so I can't update my page.
So it is pretty BORING some days well most days but I have some things to do.

Thursday 16 June

Today we had Mrs G in class today because Mr K was doing reading testing. Also we had maths (Mrs G has a really cool game that is called loopy it is really fun!!! Then we did some dance (YAY), our dance is really cool. At morning tea I bent my finger back (by mistake of course) I had to the office to get a ice pack it was soo sore :( but I am fine, all it needed was some ice. Then we had social studies so that is my day basically.

Wednesday 15 June
We have the gym festival today.YAY.Today we found out that the i-pad 2's are here yay :)

Tuesday 14 June

Ahrrr.We have to show the school the dance for the gymnastics festival. I am sooo nervous I want to hide!!!!


Wednesday 1st June

Today we started our dance our music is "Forget You" by Glee. The people in the dance are: Hannah, Georgia, Sebbie, William,
Cody and me (Amelia).

I go to an awesome school, have a cool teacher and great friends.

I love maths, art, reading and playing with my friends and I am a PAL (Physical Activity Leader).
I also learn ballet and modern and have started guitar this year.
I am a Girl Guide and play tennis, netball and ski in the winter.
I love riding my bike and listening to my MP3 - it's cool!

For writing we are learning how to write a explanation.So far we have learnt how to write:cause and effect e.g what causes a bike crash?
Cause:you used the brakes the wrong way.

Effect:you hurt yourself.
Also we know how to write Why and How.


For maths we are learning fractions.

We have been learning about the Christchurch earthquake, below is the link to our wiki page about it. It is really sad that so many people passed away or were seriously hurt and the buildings were damaged, we are thinking of the people of Christchurch. We had a black and red day at school last Friday to raise money for Christchurch - red and black are the colours of Canterbury.

Beach Ed day: On Tuesday

Today, 22nd February we went to the beach to learn how to keep safe in the water. We learnt about rips and you always have to swim between the red and yellow flags. We had lots of fun and we were swimming in the water when the earthquake struck!

This week is Walk and Wheel week. I have walked, scootered or biked every day. I usually walk with Sandra, Liam, Riley and sometimes Mitchell. Can't forget Miki, Liam's dog!


This week we have been doing crime investigation because in the holidays someone broke into the dental clinic. We have been doing activities to do with it.
We have also been planning mystery stories for us to write.

Here is a Mult Div Site Mult div website

Here is a fun link Ictgames

This is another fun link Sumdog

If you go on Sumdog you can just go and click on play.You can play as a guest or you can sign up and become a member.You play lots of fun games that make maths very fun. If you sign up as a member you don't need to pay for the membership.