Thursday 8th December
Today is market day which is like a fair inside school raise money for funds.
Bungee jumping.

I see the little weed get buckled up he looks. Down. TSS, what a wuss. The little baby has wet his pants, I blurted out. What a loser , I yell. He whimpers in reply. The person buckling him up doesn't seem to Mind with my teasing so I carry on. Fat face , I shout. He is about to jump when the person who works there asks me to try and see if I'm brave. I literally wet my pants. I pretend to be brave and get on the platform. I turn to the loser to ask him why he is acting too young for his age and then I fall off ...

To everyone who gave us a recording of their voices of their school childhood :

Homework PMI

  1. The senior students helped to run the games.
  2. It was suitable for all age groups.
  3. Sponge throw volunteers didn't get hypothermia.
  4. It had good shelter e.g. the classrooms were open.
  5. Good prices.
  6. Free entertainment - music and clown.
  7. Good food and drinks.
  8. Senior students were great with little kids trying out games.
M (the section I hate the most)
  1. Some stained clothes.
  2. Some broken toys.
  3. Quality of equipment at the white elephant seemed quite low.
  4. The chocolate wheel announcements were hard to hear.
  5. The weather.
  6. A woman accidentally went into the boys'.
  1. One Idea is that we could arrange a play area for the babies and toddlers so that the parents could shop properly. We could have some volunteers to watch the children and even charge for childcare there. That way parents pay for the creche AND they spend more at the fair!
  2. Interesting to see so many people even though it was COLD.
  3. The clown was unexpected and willing - energetic and involved.

Monday 19th Septembe
Today I did Draft writing about my weekend.I went to the pool and there was a blow up obstacle course.Bye.
This is my PMI for the Rugby World Cup opening
  1. P The rugby
world cup opening was amazing.It was awesome with so much just projected onto the ground and it was so detailed.There were so many volunteers for such a big thing and I liked all the parts like the call and the battle.The young boy with the rugby ball was an awesome actor and he was really in time with all the projections.
I wasn't
too interested in the subject.(rugby).
The truth is I have never been too sporty but I have always been quite musical: drumming, a bit of piano when I was little and I used to do hip-hop.I find it weird people get angry at you for not liking soccer or rugby.
I found all the projections on the floor really interesting and detailed for just a projector.
It was interesting how much work the volunteers put into the dance and I find it
really amazing that they didn't get payed.

Tuesday 6th September

On Saturday I went to Dante's house to make fishing rods. I found a stick and cut off a messy end with Dante's pocketknife.We played a game when I was on Dante's team and seb was with Mitchell and we had battles with throwing gum nuts.

Writing to persuade...

  1. Include reasons to back up your text
  2. use emotive language eg. anoyed
  3. include problems its causing
  4. write your opionion

Thursday 25 August

Hi room one, here is my persuasive text for homework about us having a shared lunch :
I think we should have a shared lunch because it would be a great way to learn about another country e.g. Argentina, the country we are supporting for the Rugby World Cup. If the whole lunch was based on Argentina it would be a cool way to learn about their culture and beliefs and the food they grow. Food is a big part of all cultures, with special recipes for special occasions or festivals. We could also find out about new fruits or vegetables we have never heard of or tried before. It could also make people feel more important or cared for if we share food we’ve prepared.
It would be super awesome to have.

School is back :)

My snow days ...

Hi, it is Abe.
On Sunday night I woke up at 4:00 shivering like mad. I got my covers, my book, turned on the lights and read. In the morning I awakened to soft snow . Soft like blossoms and cold like ice.
I cartooned, practised drums, talked on the phone to relatives, then I invited Dante over to my place. We were told to watch a movie or do something quiet while my brother Zac was sleeping. We asked Dante's parents if we were allowed to introduce him to The Matrix. They accepted. I clenched my teeth and blocked my ears while I walked out of the room to avoid the disgustingly creepy horryifing parts and waited while driving the thoughts out of my head. We let Dante stay for dinner - roast chicken, roast vegetables and apple crumble. We made some fragile Beado frogs after dinner.The next day I made some cookies and Dad showed me The Terminator 2 .I enjoyed it. It's about people making war cyborgs and they turn on the humans and one man and one cyborg have to go back to the past and kill the robots and destroy any evidence that they were there.

Today I practiced drums and tidied my room then I asked Dante over again and we ran away from Zac.We played mancala,then we went nuts stealing beads from each other. Then what!?! NOT THE DENTIST!?

My holidays

  1. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
  2. Velvet burger
  3. Film audition
  4. Gang show
  5. 2 sleepovers
  6. clothes shopping
  7. Gang show with Jimmy
  8. symphony orchestra with my percussion teacher Maddy in it

Tuesday July 5
Today Mrs Gingrich taught us because Mr K is in Asia . I finished my matariki star while Mrs G read us some dragon stories.Today I got onto publishing for our mystery stories. Our next topic for writing is plays. The last time I learnt about writing plays was in room 4 . Gotta ... well wanna play poptropica . Bye .

Wednesday 29 June
Today we practiced our dance for 1 hour over all because tomorrow we are sharing them.I am excited to share it and promise not to be lousy when I am sharing it.
Bye :)

Tuesday 28 June
sorry I haven't been updating this page
I haven't even told you about the student teacher ,well he was very cool and he left today :( ( ' sniff ')
By the way please check out the links I have below because they have lots of writing that everyone has been totally missing out on so I would appreciate it if some people left feedback because I would like to know what you think about our pages.
Wednesday 15 June (morning)
I am SOOOOOOOO exited about gym festival . Mr K said we are also doing teamwork stuff so I am looking forward to gym :)
Wednesday 15 June (Afternoon)
Hi, at gym I got one one on beam or something but other than that I got 3's and 2's . My Fav routine is mat ,then probably rope then ball . When we got back to school we did creative thinking .The topic was what we would change about the ipad 2's if we were making ipad 3s' . I added :

LONG lasting battery power
a cigarette lighter (I do NOT know why I put this on )
and HEAPS more pixels so the image is about 5000,000,000,000,000,000,000 times sharper
and I made the home button have no black border so the button doesn't take up so much space .

Tuesday 14 June
Hi guys, this morning we went to room two for the second session of math because Mr K needed to practice the gym dance before they showd it to the school so I went with Jack to play a math game. I played this game called target additon when you flick some counters onto a board with the middle saying 1000,the second to middle 500, then 200 ,then 100 . Then we went to the hall to watch the gym dance .
Monday 13 June

Today at school I did casting for the teachers' footprints with Jack . We got a sheet to record the width and length of the footprints.Miss Collins and Mr Kemp have got to a rough start with the evidence in the Dental Clinic . There is the to do list which is much like Miss Collin's and her footprint and Mr Kemp's footprint and his colour hair in there so I have an idea of whose going to court :)
Sunday 12 June

Today I spent heaps of the morning cartooning and drawing . I also watched Despicable Me .

I am going to the museum with my family . We are also going to have Raymond Huber ; you might know him from the book 'sting his wife Penelope Todd and dad`s friends Ashton and Ina over for dinner.
Saturday 11 June

Today I went to drumming classes and learnt a new beat to practice over the week. I am really exited about the school band.Tell me in discussion if you are auditioning for it and what instrument you are auditioning for. After drumming I went to mitre ten mega to get a file with dad so he could fix a door handle. I got a sausage with sauce and onion at a barbecue out side the store .

Friday 10 June

They other day we practiced foot printing . We got some play dough and put glad wrap onto it .Then we stepped into the play

dough and looked at the patterns of the shoe , described it and measured it .We planned that on monday the teachers will all take the pair of shoes they were wearing on the day and steep in it and we will put plaster of paris into the mould and then let it dry.Then we will compare the casting to the one in the dental clinic and mould the foot print in the sugar .

Wednesday 8th June

Here is the video for 2012 ; our dance groups song ... give it up for Jay Sean :0

P.S. the clip says the lyrics are below but that they haven't copied over .

Wednesday 1st June :

Hi , Abe Here Apparently the police said that the crime scene is up to us and we can investigate .

I am really looking forward to collecting DNA .We did handwriting samples which is this thing where you write `this is my handwriting sample` about as many times as you can in about one minute and then you get out your books and put them on your desk . We handed our papers to mr k and he handed them out to us randomly and we had to go around and look for similarities to their books and try to figure whose paper you got . the first look only 3/25 got it correct :(

Get your own Digital Clock

Hi, I'm Abe and my favourite sport is skate boarding.I like Lego and Michael Jackson.
When I grow older I want to be an inventor.
Please post a note about what you want to be when you grow up.

My little brother is 1 year old .
I am 9 .
I like the ipads in our classroom
The laptops are very useful as well.
holes.jpgMr Kemp is reading us a sequel to Holes by Louis Sachar.Find out about the novels Mr kemp is reading us at the link that says `our novels' ; aboveMy favourite movie series is Harry Potter. My favourite TV series is Phineas and Ferb .Post a sticky about yours . On Friday we have this thing called Friday fractions where you get a card or two that says ... I am _ ... what half of something and it goes around in a circle until the question answers the same number that you started with .There are some really hard ones and some totally simple ones like half of six .It is really fun .

Inquiry ....

The other day I went to room 2 and we watched Suzie's World with info about life jackets and why you should have them on even if you're a good swimmer. It's because you might get tired or if you are on a sailboat the pole could swing over and knock you out. Some life jackets have whistles in case you can't put your hand up or you are to tired to scream or nether
The other topic is smoke alarms and how they work. There are paricles moving all the time and they slow down and stick together and when the sensor feels it going slower the speaker sounds .
Today we did RAMs forms (risk analysis management).

Man this has been an amazingly quick , fun and exiting term.


I am reading lots of the Vladimir Tod series . At the moment I am reading Ninth Grade Slays . It is a young adult book about a vampire who is running away from a vampire slayer who wants him dead .I like it because it is ever so slightly too old for me and it is really adventurous . . Other than that I have been lazing with lego and using my ipod and towny sorts of bits and bobs and getting dressed late. I put some cards on trade me and sold them for five dollars.It sucks that my drumming class is dismissed for the holidays .external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQWCFUjRVzJjCt2ctkMG3CAO8brM2UIrYshyr0O6oSma4fYjR2eaXg457ABy the way this is the cover of the book Ninth Grade Slays if you were wondering .

Awesome first day back at school ...
The topic this term is actually COOL .
We are detectives going into a crime scene after we know how to be a detective.
There was a break-in in the holidays and we have to solve who did it.
So far it is really fun.
We have done crime scene definition, match, putting pics from a crime scene from the most important to the least important and more.
We're doing really easy division and multiplication for math and also were doing mystery anything like for writing .
I can't wait to do more investigating.

Check the COOL links

window washup
fish selling multiplication
cone crazy
te papa
our novels
writers I know

My birthday (yay)

Today is my birthday and I got cool prezzies :

New drumsticks
ipod skin
ACDC album
star wars guess who game
Lego hero factory

and I am going to lone star for dinner .
Mum dressed up as a GORILLA and chased me around the room !
Afterwards I went to use my new drumsticks .


At school today I solved my wondering how to fingerprint ;
  1. first get your fingerprint tape .
  2. dust your area to search for fingerprints
  3. when you have found some prints get the non-sticky side and lift it off
  4. press firmly
  5. lift it off and put it back on the non-sticky piece (the piece without the white line
  6. if you see air bubbles use a roller on the window or surface

p.s. don`t roll it on concrete because it leaves spots and makes it hard to identify .